For more individuals, there is no cozier bed posture than that in which they are tucked on their stomach with a fluffy blanket or cushion. So the right mattress for superior comfort should welcome their bodies with a combination of crankcase ventilation and support, promising a comfortable and pain-free drift to dream scenery. Unfortunately, many mattresses aren’t really ideally built to meet the sleeper’s particular specifications. They are either too solid (pressure caused by hips and shoulders) or too fluid (in the absence of actual support). And what are these snoozers of Goldilock? Fortunately, it’s not just poor news for those that doze mostly on their sides since many fantastic mattresses are specially designed for resting needs. We’ll concentrate on several of our favorites below and discuss all the factors contributing to the right side of memory foam, best mattress side sleeper.

Although each option is based on my individual opinions and prejudices, from those who sleep warm to those who need a little additional pressure relief on the shoulders and hips, I’ve tried to choose mattresses that help various side-style sleepers. I’ll explain in detail why I picked them for this list while I address each of my picks and will share my expert tips for having a fantastic sleep on your arm. If you are still not sure of the correct mattress after this list, you can take our pillow quiz to show a selection of mattresses that are curated to your sleep requirements.

Side Sleepers’ Finest Innerspring Mattress:

If you’re a side sleeper who likes a conventional innerspring vibe more, then the mattress you want to be considered. Constructed with a durable coil-on-coil system, this bed provides the shoulders and hips with plenty of lift (and relief!). How well a neutral spine alignment is endorsed is one of my favorite aspects. Neutral spine alignment suggests that the bed will position the hips in line with the shoulders, forming a line across the body. This alignment is beneficial for the back, but it is also perfect for alleviating stress on the shoulders and hips when you push into the frame. I could also add that the mattress is available in several different strengths, enabling people to home in on the degree of comfort that would be best for them. Plus, it provides sleepers the option to choose an innerspring that will not be too firm for their needs!

Side Sleepers’ Highest Value Mattress:

Mattress built with dense memory foam top layers, this bed is designed to alleviate all pressure forms without breaking the bank. Memory foam is the star here, which mattress utilizes extensively in both the comfort and transformation layers. This material has a prolonged pressure response, so when they settle into the bed, it provides the sleeper with a lot of contouring relief. If you move from being a back and side sleeper, this level of support may help you a great deal. And what’s cool about the mattress is that it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. Currently, it’s much more affordable as compared to other memory foam products on the market.